CAESUUR in August in Aarhus, Denmark


‘At the Juxtapose Art Fair, from August 20 – 22, 2021 ruimteCAESUUR will present the work of Hans Overvliet and Jorieke Rottier. While at first sight the work of these two artists might appear very different, their working processes have a lot in common: both are collectors and are searching for materials that facilitate reduction; for both of them, the process of creation is often more important than showing the finished work. Generating knowledge through labour and the journey of the creation process itself – often also intertwined with journeys in the literal sense – is their primary interest. For Jorieke, this knowledge oftentimes originates from intoition. Hans, instead, protects knowledge as a system to attempt finding truths.

While negotiating different ways of sharing and dividing the space between them, they might col-laborate, work alone, finish work, change it, recombine, or start all over again.’