Anne Kolbe

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04/06/’16 – 17/07/’16

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Artist statement
When I examine the world around me I suspect the presence of an underflow of existence that takes things with it, a stream that makes things slip away constantly, remaining intangible and outside of my field of vision. This feeling drives me in creating my work. It is a feeling of constant missing and passing, of continuously not being able to get a grip on things because they are always somewhere else, constantly changing. The space they leave behind in their movement is like a void, a track or a print. For me an extreme openness and attentiveness occur in that space; an intense gaze at what disappeared beyond the horizon. In that complex absence I want to capture the echo of what is gone and hidden. I like to search for the secret of the other that passes constantly and remains untraceable.

Light and space are the foundations for an investigation into (in)visibility. Through my works, in which the material and the skin of objects play a major role, I examine open and hermetic structures.

Personal information
Born on November 20th 1989 in Zwijndrecht (Zuid Holland, NL); studied fne art at AKV St. Joost ‘s-Hertogenbosch (graduation class of 2013); lives and works in Haarlem (Noord Holland, NL).